The Performance Barometer

The vital tool for HR professionals

This is a way to identify how close your organisation is towards building a high performance culture.

Our model:

  • Identifies key elements of organisational behaviour
  • Depicts your current status with an easy to action traffic light indicator
  • Gives you a measure, in percentage terms, of your position
  • Provides valuable insights and information to help you use your time and resources most effectively

You receive a comprehensive report specific to your organisation – FREE
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Click here to complete the questionnaire (it takes about 60 minutes)
As part of this offer we will contact you after you have received the report to discuss and answer any questions you may have about the findings.

Or click here for more information on the Performance Barometer

Leading through talent

A crucial role for HR Professionals

HR is constantly under pressure to add value, improve performance,
make a difference, demonstrate measurable results and more.
As HR professionals we know that the realisation of all these demands is through
the people in our organisation.
The challenge is to make this happen in ways that others recognise our contribution.

We can work with you and help you:

  • Identify what aspects of HR will help others get the results they find valuable
  • Build trust and credibility in the HR function at all levels in the organisation
  • Know how to present and implement HR initiatives to get positive results
  • Work as a team within HR and other departments to help them optimise the skills and expertise that already exists
  • Building an effective HR team
  • Get policies, processes, procedures and systems to work in harmony with the users.

We provide you with someone to act as a sounding board, to challenge and support you, to help you think differently and give you tools and techniques that help you deliver. Work with us and create your recipe for success.

Influencing the Influencer

An essential skill for HR professionals

As an HR professional we spend a great deal of our time developing good working relationships across our organisation. We all know how important it is to get on with not only the people we work with but also those we work for.

We can help you

  • Recognise the Influencers’ leadership style
  • Find out what’s important to them
  • Know what to say to have the greatest impact
  • Deal more effectively with them when under stress
  • Build better relationships

This results in them giving you:

  • More opportunities to excel
  • Recognition and help in gaining credibility with others
  • Support when you need it
  • Direction in a way that makes sense
    to you

Partner with us and increase your ability to engage effectively with your Manager and key stakeholders in your organisation.